My Sweet Life products are made with organic and eco friendly fibers such as cotton, bamboo and hemp. Organic cotton feels softer because of not being treated by chemicals allowing the cotton to last longer and be more comfortable.  Our My Sweet Life products are very fashionable, feel great, and make you feel fantastic. 

It's important to be aware chemicals used in the production of non-organic fabrics we place on our children or wear upon our skin can be hazardous to our health. That is why organic and eco friendly products are very important to everyone. We encourage all to take the time to read articles on the subject and share our concern for family, friends, and acquaintances, and for all people of the world.

Most everyone wears or sleeps on 100% cotton fabric grown with chemicals and never gives it a second thought. Cotton crops consume billions of pounds of pesticides and insecticides that are absorbed into the growing product and seeds therein. In addition, the runoff of those hazardous chemicals into the environment harm people, destroy wildlife and plants. At times this negative process is irreversible and results in permanent damage and destruction.

Organic cotton is healthy in addition to reducing rashes and eczema from non organic fibers. Organic products reduce your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Organic clothing is also not saturated with chemicals like flame retardants and anti-wrinkle treatments.  

Bamboo and Hemp are grasses and grow like weeds with no help to thrive. Only rain water is required for growth. Bamboo generates more oxygen than trees, grows very quick and gives back to the environment. Our Hemp fibers are durable, superior to cotton and as bamboo, make you feel good when you wear them, and they offer superior performance.

As organic clothing is created in a toxin-free manner, the environment is spared pollution from these chemicals during agriculture, processing, dying, and finishing. Please take the time to read the many articles on this subject, especially from the Organic Trade Association. You owe it to yourself and your family.