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Why invest in organic cotton clothing and what is the real difference in the quality of this eco friendly clothing? How can this contribute to you and your family's wellbeing and quality of life?

The answer is simple: organic and eco conscious apparel delivers a higher quality of life by reducing the amount of daily exposure to toxins and chemicals.

Skin is the largest surface area on the body leading to the greatest amount of exposure to the environment. Toxins can be absorbed into the skin and this increases 10x when you are sleeping because of its porous nature.

Research shows that many skin allergies, and even certain types of cancer, dermatitis, eczema and other diseases are caused by longterm effects of chemical toxins such as dioxin and carcinogenic formaldehyde that are used in the dying process of conventional clothing.

With the increasing availablity of organic and eco friendly products, there are healthy alternatives that you and your family can use with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Chemical free clothing is known to reduce toxicity exposure significantly, and with increasing chemical processes that are used to manufacture our clothing, this is a powerful, direct way to improve and protect you and your family’s health and wellbeing.
  • Increase in comfort: The quality of the fibers of eco friendly clothing is superior, making for example, My Sweet Life’s popular bamboo shirt probably one of the softest T shirts you can purchase (it is cashmere- like soft, yet without any itchiness). Chemical free and eco friendly apparel are more comfortable to wear because they are produced without irritating chemicals or pesticides that impact on your level of comfort and compromise the quality of your health.
  • Supports the environment, making it a safer, healthier place for us all to live. It’s estimated that conventional cotton clothing production is responsible for 25% of all insecticides and 10% of pesticide use, and that only 10% of these are actually used in the cotton process, resulting in the other 90% going into the environment, and of course, this includes our bodies through the air and water, even the food we eat (cotton seeds are the corner stone of many processed foods).
  • So now you realize why everyone is beginning to choose organic whenever they get the opportunity to. Check out our home page for organic, chemical free clothing that is both safe and an affordable solution for you and your family’s organic apparel needs.

    By Justine at Method Web Studio