Protect yourself from unnecessary and avoidable toxic exposure by selecting organic alternatives. With recent events in Japan, we are all actively looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary exposure to toxins and, if anything, it has increased our awareness to the level of potential exposure and we are looking for more ways we can protect our health and wellbeing now than ever before.

Toxins are substances known to have a negative impact on your health and often cause health conditions such as lower metabolism, exhaustion and even depression. They enter the body through ingestion and skin exposure and are stored in your body's cells. By actively limiting what chemicals come into direct contact with your skin you are taking a powerful preventative measure against levels of harmful toxicity in your body.

And with the increase in toxic exposure every day, every step you take to protect your health goes a long way in ensuring you are healthy and vibrant no matter what.

One way you can protect your body is to wear organic, eco friendly clothing that is not manufactured using dangerous and harmful chemical processes.

Studies show that certain types of cancer, skin allergies, pneumonia and even arthritis may be caused by the use of synthetic dyes in clothing materials. Cancer causing poisons such as carcinogens such as formaldehyde, dioxin and chrome are used in conventional dying processes, which increase toxic exposure. Not only do these resins remain in the fabric of your clothing, they limit the natural permeability of the fabric limiting the natural process of eliminating toxins in the body which is one of the skins most important functions.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body providing the first line of defense against toxins. Organic hemp, bamboo and cotton apparel are sustainable alternatives that actually enhance the skins most important role in maintaining and protecting your health.

When you sleep, your skin is even more permeable and porous and therefore, more at risk of exposure to any harmful chemical residues that are in your bed linens and sleepwear. Even laundering your sheets and clothes does not totally remove these chemical resins. The only way to safely avoid toxin exposure is purchase eco friendly products that have not been manufactured or grown using these harmful chemical pesticides and processes. Look for certified organic products to ensure the highest quality of organic and eco friendly clothing which is manufactured using only sustainable, safe processes. Look for My Sweet Life’s soon to be released new organic bed linens and sleepwear line to protect you and your family.

It’s important for parents to know that their children and infants are even more susceptible to toxic exposure through their clothes and whatever they come into direct contact with because their skin is even more permeable than an adults is, and with the increase in use of toxins in the manufacturing process of conventional baby wear and products, it’s little wonder that so many children are developing an increase in allergies and other related skin disorders. There is such an increase in demand for organic baby products and eco friendly clothing and household items because of the increase in chemical sensitivities and the increase of toxins appearing in blood tests.

At no time before now have we seen or experienced such high volume use of harmful chemical toxins in the manufacturing process than now. Conventional manufacturing processes save money by using such chemicals yet compromise health and well being, not to mention the actual quality of the product in the process. It’s important to take a little extra time and research what companies actually offer to evaluate the true value and safety of their products. Why compromise you and your family’s health when you don’t have to?

Support conscious eco friendly companies such as My Sweet Life and you empower them to make a lasting difference and help them to support you in providing safe, quality products you deserve.

You have not only the right to safe products for you and your family, you have the option to buy high quality organic and eco conscious clothing and household products without having to compromise your health and wellbeing, while supporting conscious companies that are making a difference in the way products are being manufactured. As a customer you are the difference by choosing to support this organic eco conscious and sustainable lifestyle, ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of your family.