1. Favorite clothing: It’s going to be your favorite item of clothing and anyone who you buy it for because it’s the most comfortable fabric to wear. It’s softer, lighter and infinitely more luxurious than any other kind of fabric: your bamboo t shirts are going to be worn first out of the closet and get first priority. It really is this good. Warning: everyone is going to fall in love with your bamboo t shirt real quick in your home so make sure they all have their own!
  2. Comfort: super soft and light weight, organic bamboo has a luxurious quality comparable to cashmere, yet minus the itchiness which makes it wearable like nothing else you have in your wardrobe. The texture of organic bamboo is also similar to silk; it is super light and possesses a natural sheen, like silk, yet more durable and inexpensive, making it an everyday favorite.
  3. Bamboo breathes: this means it’s cool in the summer, warm and insulating in the winter. Check out more facts here: Facts behind the fiber
  4. Resists mold, fungi and odor-producing bacteria: Because of a bacteriostasis agent that naturally occurs in bamboo plants, bamboo fabric is naturally more hygienic and stays fresh longer. This agent, known as bamboo kun, helps the organic bamboo fibers to resist odor producing bacteria.
  5. Hypo allergenic: certified organic bamboo is also known for its hypo allergenic properties due to its smooth, hollow fibers. If you have sensitive skin, then you are going to love this.
  6. Eco friendly and environmentally conscious: Organic Bamboo benefits the planet offering a great sustainable alternative to conventional clothing. The manufacturing process that we use at My Sweet Life is certified, meaning that the manufacturing process itself follows specific organic guidelines. You can look and feel good when you buy eco conscious bamboo clothing. Bamboo is naturally the fastest growing grass and it doesn’t need replanting, that makes it perfect as a sustainable resource.
  7. UV protection: bamboo fibers naturally resist UV rays making it the ideal choice for sports and outdoor activities and your number one choice for your children’s clothing.
  8. Durable: when organic bamboo clothing is made in the 100% certified organic way, the fibers are not exposed to the harsh chemical processes that leave ordinary clothing fibers weakened, so your eco friendly bamboo apparel is going to last a lot longer than your conventional clothing as a result, even though you are going to be wearing it a lot more than your ordinary t shirts because of how good it feels next to your skin.
  9. Easy to care for: eco friendly bamboo requires no special care and is easily laundered in your washing machine and drier.
  10. Looks great wash after wash: bamboo is wrinkle resistant and dyes easily in the manufacturing process so the colors fade less. Because of its unique fibers, bamboo absorbs and holds dyes more effectively, meaning your clothes look fabulous longer.
  11. Superior quality: The quality of the fibers in organic bamboo clothes ensure that the quality of the overall fabric is super smooth and endures long term, frequent wear easily. Eco friendly bamboo apparel is a great investment for your collection. And speaking of collections –
  12. Design: Contemporary designers such as Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar la Renta, not to mention a whole emerging design trend of eco fashion designers, such as Kate O’Connor, love using bamboo because it is more versatile than silk, yet has such similar properties they love to use it in their lines. Organic bamboo hangs beautifully, accentuating your curves with its classic style. Because of the way it flows and commands attention, organic bamboo is gaining increasing status and prominence in the fashion industry.
    Yet another reason you are going to fall in love with it.