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100% organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp clothing items are durable, launder well and look great because of the quality of their fibers. The texture of these fabrics is unbelievably soft and luxurious, yet they look great wash after wash. The fact that harsh chemical processes have not been used on these natural fibers contributes to this superior performance and quality.

The fibers in organic apparel are air permeable; the fibers are hollow. This not only allows your skin to breathe, it provides excellent insulation in winter and keeps you cool in the summer. Bamboo fibers are smooth and possess a round structure, giving a soft and non-irritating texture, even to sensitive skin.

Look for quality eco friendly clothing that has organic certifications that ensure that there is no toxin exposure to skin that occurs in conventional process of clothing manufacture. The best in organic clothing products are certified: this ensures that they are made from organically grown, processed and manufactured cotton, bamboo or hemp.

My Sweet Life’s organic clothing provides bamboo, hemp and organic alternatives in a variety of styles to offer the safe apparel your family deserves.

My Sweet Life offers only the highest quality of eco friendly clothing. Our product line is not only manufactured using the best organic and eco materials; we also utilize carbon offsets to reduce the carbon foot print on the planet, so you can feel assured you are making a positive contribution when you invest in our clothing.


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