You have already experienced the difference in your energy levels when you have enjoyed organic produce and food. Now you deserve to luxuriate in the abundance of organic and eco friendly clothing and products that are available today.

Is there anything more inspiring or reassuring these days than the wealth of high quality organic products and services that are beginning to emerge online? If you are anything like us, you want to find the highest quality products at affordable prices because you are looking for the best value.

With so much choice and selection now available we wanted to share these 5 helpful guidelines that we’ve found most useful in selecting not only products you will love, but also upgrade your life in the most important and beneficial ways for your family and the planet.


  1. Certified: Look for and choose certified organic where possible. This not only ensures a much higher caliber of product, you are also supporting true eco friendly, socially responsible manufacturing processes. This not only maintains the standard and quality of the product, it also preserves the environment in the process. Some products are called organic yet are actually manufactured and produced through conventional chemical methods.

    It is important to realize that not all organic clothing is 100% organic. Some organic cotton is still farmed and manufactured with harsh chemical processes that leave toxic residues in the actual cotton material, which means if you experience chemical sensitivities, you are still exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins that can create the usual adverse allergic response. By buying bona fide certified organic you are supporting sustainable living for the planet, and often bringing resources and income to undeveloped countries.

  3. Quality: The highest quality of organic clothing usually comes from special alternative processes which preserve the natural fibers, leading to softer and more durable clothing. My Sweet Life’s eco friendly merchandise is manufactured using a unique method which ensures an exceptional quality that you can trust and feel great about investing in. Support organic companies that are conscious of these natural processes to guarantee the highest quality of organic products for you and your family, so you can enjoy the benefits.

  5. Style: Organic cotton, and particularly organic bamboo apparel, is making quite the fashion statement and giving silk a run for its money. Designers are using organic bamboo because it is not only cheaper than silk, but it is more durable and it hangs so beautifully and is exciting to use to create cutting edge designs, not to mention the overall statement it is making: this is a clothing line that cares not only about your health and well being, but also the environment – something leading designers are definitely inspired by. Check out our popular new designs here: My Sweet Life Home

  7. Value for money: Buying organic ensures a higher quality of product and greater value for money. At My Sweet Life we believe that you deserve the highest quality of eco friendly apparel and accessories at the most affordable price range to make your contribution globally easy. When you buy organic you are not only getting a better quality of product you are also contributing to a new industry that provides a sustainable lifestyle that is so needed in the world today.

  9. Peace of mind: Organic products and services afford you the greatest peace of mind. You have a choice in what industries you support and what products dominate the market. When you buy eco friendly, socially responsible merchandise, the peace of mind that you experience is priceless knowing that you are contributing to a more conscious, healthier and sustainable way of life for everyone. Look for companies that are conscious and make this commitment.


At My Sweet Life, we are committed to provide you with the best organic and eco friendly clothing available because we believe that you and your family deserve the best this world has to offer. Upgrade to organic and experience the difference. Live the sweet life.

By Justine at Method Web Studio