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At My Sweet Life we believe in celebrating and sharing family values, the kind of values that enhance generation after generation, creating a better world for everyone. Organic and eco friendly values go a long way in today’s world creating a beautiful way of life and future for generations to come.

We value you. We value your time as much as you do, so we have created a line of eco friendly products that fit any budget and save you time and money shopping online. We are proud to continue to offer you high quality organic clothing and home products at a great price.

And we are proud to announce that we are expanding our line due to your request and the huge customer response and demand for our existing eco friendly products and merchandise.

The organic market is expanding, meaning that more families are buying organic merchandise and contributing to this trend. Three quarters of families now buy organic products and there was a 10% increase from 31% in 2009 to 41% in 2010 of families buying more organic products. The demand for organic merchandise is increasing.

The global market for organic products reached a value of over 55 billion U.S. Dollars in 2010, with the vast majority of products being consumed in North America and Europe, according to the marketing company, Organic Monitor. That’s a 5 billion increase since 2009. These numbers when considered with the economic climate proves how customer loyalty and appreciation of organic products, something we value and take a pride in being a part of.

And if you’re not yet already one of our customers, we would like to introduce you to the just some of our most popular organic products that we have carefully selected from eco conscious manufacturers and companies just like ourselves. We only sell eco friendly products and apparel that we love and use personally in our lives.

Be sure to check out our new soap. Organic soap is an excellent hypoallergenic alternative that protects your family’s skin and is less drying than soap manufactured with and containing harsh chemicals.  

From our sweet life family to yours we focus on providing you with the best organic apparel available at the best value for money – ideal for any family budget because we appreciate you as our customers. We are happy to be of service to you. We know that you work hard and that you deserve to get the most for your money, which is why we regularly offer specials and coupons. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back frequently for new promotions. It’s our way of thanking you for your continued business and for being one of our valued customers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending some time with us today. We value your business and want to provide you with the best organic shopping experience available. We pride ourselves on our family value of giving you the best earth and eco friendly merchandise to support and sustain the greater human family on earth.

Top 12 reasons why organic bamboo clothing is simply the best

  1. Favorite clothing: It’s going to be your favorite item of clothing and anyone who you buy it for because it’s the most comfortable fabric to wear. It’s softer, lighter and infinitely more luxurious than any other kind of fabric: your bamboo t shirts are going to be worn first out of the closet and get first priority. It really is this good. Warning: everyone is going to fall in love with your bamboo t shirt real quick in your home so make sure they all have their own!
  2. Comfort: super soft and light weight, organic bamboo has a luxurious quality comparable to cashmere, yet minus the itchiness which makes it wearable like nothing else you have in your wardrobe. The texture of organic bamboo is also similar to silk; it is super light and possesses a natural sheen, like silk, yet more durable and inexpensive, making it an everyday favorite.
  3. Bamboo breathes: this means it’s cool in the summer, warm and insulating in the winter. Check out more facts here: Facts behind the fiber
  4. Resists mold, fungi and odor-producing bacteria: Because of a bacteriostasis agent that naturally occurs in bamboo plants, bamboo fabric is naturally more hygienic and stays fresh longer. This agent, known as bamboo kun, helps the organic bamboo fibers to resist odor producing bacteria.
  5. Hypo allergenic: certified organic bamboo is also known for its hypo allergenic properties due to its smooth, hollow fibers. If you have sensitive skin, then you are going to love this.
  6. Eco friendly and environmentally conscious: Organic Bamboo benefits the planet offering a great sustainable alternative to conventional clothing. The manufacturing process that we use at My Sweet Life is certified, meaning that the manufacturing process itself follows specific organic guidelines. You can look and feel good when you buy eco conscious bamboo clothing. Bamboo is naturally the fastest growing grass and it doesn’t need replanting, that makes it perfect as a sustainable resource.
  7. UV protection: bamboo fibers naturally resist UV rays making it the ideal choice for sports and outdoor activities and your number one choice for your children’s clothing.
  8. Durable: when organic bamboo clothing is made in the 100% certified organic way, the fibers are not exposed to the harsh chemical processes that leave ordinary clothing fibers weakened, so your eco friendly bamboo apparel is going to last a lot longer than your conventional clothing as a result, even though you are going to be wearing it a lot more than your ordinary t shirts because of how good it feels next to your skin.
  9. Easy to care for: eco friendly bamboo requires no special care and is easily laundered in your washing machine and drier.
  10. Looks great wash after wash: bamboo is wrinkle resistant and dyes easily in the manufacturing process so the colors fade less. Because of its unique fibers, bamboo absorbs and holds dyes more effectively, meaning your clothes look fabulous longer.
  11. Superior quality: The quality of the fibers in organic bamboo clothes ensure that the quality of the overall fabric is super smooth and endures long term, frequent wear easily. Eco friendly bamboo apparel is a great investment for your collection. And speaking of collections –
  12. Design: Contemporary designers such as Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar la Renta, not to mention a whole emerging design trend of eco fashion designers, such as Kate O’Connor, love using bamboo because it is more versatile than silk, yet has such similar properties they love to use it in their lines. Organic bamboo hangs beautifully, accentuating your curves with its classic style. Because of the way it flows and commands attention, organic bamboo is gaining increasing status and prominence in the fashion industry.
    Yet another reason you are going to fall in love with it.

Why eco conscious apparel is one of the best things for your skin and to protect against toxic exposure

Protect yourself from unnecessary and avoidable toxic exposure by selecting organic alternatives. With recent events in Japan, we are all actively looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary exposure to toxins and, if anything, it has increased our awareness to the level of potential exposure and we are looking for more ways we can protect our health and wellbeing now than ever before.

Toxins are substances known to have a negative impact on your health and often cause health conditions such as lower metabolism, exhaustion and even depression. They enter the body through ingestion and skin exposure and are stored in your body's cells. By actively limiting what chemicals come into direct contact with your skin you are taking a powerful preventative measure against levels of harmful toxicity in your body.

And with the increase in toxic exposure every day, every step you take to protect your health goes a long way in ensuring you are healthy and vibrant no matter what.

One way you can protect your body is to wear organic, eco friendly clothing that is not manufactured using dangerous and harmful chemical processes.

Studies show that certain types of cancer, skin allergies, pneumonia and even arthritis may be caused by the use of synthetic dyes in clothing materials. Cancer causing poisons such as carcinogens such as formaldehyde, dioxin and chrome are used in conventional dying processes, which increase toxic exposure. Not only do these resins remain in the fabric of your clothing, they limit the natural permeability of the fabric limiting the natural process of eliminating toxins in the body which is one of the skins most important functions.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body providing the first line of defense against toxins. Organic hemp, bamboo and cotton apparel are sustainable alternatives that actually enhance the skins most important role in maintaining and protecting your health.

When you sleep, your skin is even more permeable and porous and therefore, more at risk of exposure to any harmful chemical residues that are in your bed linens and sleepwear. Even laundering your sheets and clothes does not totally remove these chemical resins. The only way to safely avoid toxin exposure is purchase eco friendly products that have not been manufactured or grown using these harmful chemical pesticides and processes. Look for certified organic products to ensure the highest quality of organic and eco friendly clothing which is manufactured using only sustainable, safe processes. Look for My Sweet Life’s soon to be released new organic bed linens and sleepwear line to protect you and your family.

It’s important for parents to know that their children and infants are even more susceptible to toxic exposure through their clothes and whatever they come into direct contact with because their skin is even more permeable than an adults is, and with the increase in use of toxins in the manufacturing process of conventional baby wear and products, it’s little wonder that so many children are developing an increase in allergies and other related skin disorders. There is such an increase in demand for organic baby products and eco friendly clothing and household items because of the increase in chemical sensitivities and the increase of toxins appearing in blood tests.

At no time before now have we seen or experienced such high volume use of harmful chemical toxins in the manufacturing process than now. Conventional manufacturing processes save money by using such chemicals yet compromise health and well being, not to mention the actual quality of the product in the process. It’s important to take a little extra time and research what companies actually offer to evaluate the true value and safety of their products. Why compromise you and your family’s health when you don’t have to?

Support conscious eco friendly companies such as My Sweet Life and you empower them to make a lasting difference and help them to support you in providing safe, quality products you deserve.

You have not only the right to safe products for you and your family, you have the option to buy high quality organic and eco conscious clothing and household products without having to compromise your health and wellbeing, while supporting conscious companies that are making a difference in the way products are being manufactured. As a customer you are the difference by choosing to support this organic eco conscious and sustainable lifestyle, ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of your family.

Experience the organic life upgrade: 5 guidelines for buying the best organic and eco friendly products

You have already experienced the difference in your energy levels when you have enjoyed organic produce and food. Now you deserve to luxuriate in the abundance of organic and eco friendly clothing and products that are available today.

Is there anything more inspiring or reassuring these days than the wealth of high quality organic products and services that are beginning to emerge online? If you are anything like us, you want to find the highest quality products at affordable prices because you are looking for the best value.

With so much choice and selection now available we wanted to share these 5 helpful guidelines that we’ve found most useful in selecting not only products you will love, but also upgrade your life in the most important and beneficial ways for your family and the planet.


  1. Certified: Look for and choose certified organic where possible. This not only ensures a much higher caliber of product, you are also supporting true eco friendly, socially responsible manufacturing processes. This not only maintains the standard and quality of the product, it also preserves the environment in the process. Some products are called organic yet are actually manufactured and produced through conventional chemical methods.

    It is important to realize that not all organic clothing is 100% organic. Some organic cotton is still farmed and manufactured with harsh chemical processes that leave toxic residues in the actual cotton material, which means if you experience chemical sensitivities, you are still exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins that can create the usual adverse allergic response. By buying bona fide certified organic you are supporting sustainable living for the planet, and often bringing resources and income to undeveloped countries.

  3. Quality: The highest quality of organic clothing usually comes from special alternative processes which preserve the natural fibers, leading to softer and more durable clothing. My Sweet Life’s eco friendly merchandise is manufactured using a unique method which ensures an exceptional quality that you can trust and feel great about investing in. Support organic companies that are conscious of these natural processes to guarantee the highest quality of organic products for you and your family, so you can enjoy the benefits.

  5. Style: Organic cotton, and particularly organic bamboo apparel, is making quite the fashion statement and giving silk a run for its money. Designers are using organic bamboo because it is not only cheaper than silk, but it is more durable and it hangs so beautifully and is exciting to use to create cutting edge designs, not to mention the overall statement it is making: this is a clothing line that cares not only about your health and well being, but also the environment – something leading designers are definitely inspired by. Check out our popular new designs here: My Sweet Life Home

  7. Value for money: Buying organic ensures a higher quality of product and greater value for money. At My Sweet Life we believe that you deserve the highest quality of eco friendly apparel and accessories at the most affordable price range to make your contribution globally easy. When you buy organic you are not only getting a better quality of product you are also contributing to a new industry that provides a sustainable lifestyle that is so needed in the world today.

  9. Peace of mind: Organic products and services afford you the greatest peace of mind. You have a choice in what industries you support and what products dominate the market. When you buy eco friendly, socially responsible merchandise, the peace of mind that you experience is priceless knowing that you are contributing to a more conscious, healthier and sustainable way of life for everyone. Look for companies that are conscious and make this commitment.


At My Sweet Life, we are committed to provide you with the best organic and eco friendly clothing available because we believe that you and your family deserve the best this world has to offer. Upgrade to organic and experience the difference. Live the sweet life.

By Justine at Method Web Studio

The Organic Advantage: Facts behind the fiber

organic trade association member

100% organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp clothing items are durable, launder well and look great because of the quality of their fibers. The texture of these fabrics is unbelievably soft and luxurious, yet they look great wash after wash. The fact that harsh chemical processes have not been used on these natural fibers contributes to this superior performance and quality.

The fibers in organic apparel are air permeable; the fibers are hollow. This not only allows your skin to breathe, it provides excellent insulation in winter and keeps you cool in the summer. Bamboo fibers are smooth and possess a round structure, giving a soft and non-irritating texture, even to sensitive skin.

Look for quality eco friendly clothing that has organic certifications that ensure that there is no toxin exposure to skin that occurs in conventional process of clothing manufacture. The best in organic clothing products are certified: this ensures that they are made from organically grown, processed and manufactured cotton, bamboo or hemp.

My Sweet Life’s organic clothing provides bamboo, hemp and organic alternatives in a variety of styles to offer the safe apparel your family deserves.

My Sweet Life offers only the highest quality of eco friendly clothing. Our product line is not only manufactured using the best organic and eco materials; we also utilize carbon offsets to reduce the carbon foot print on the planet, so you can feel assured you are making a positive contribution when you invest in our clothing.


Organic Trade Association

Carbon Offsets

By Justine at Method Web Studio

Why Organic and Chemical Free?

Image: Idea Go

Why invest in organic cotton clothing and what is the real difference in the quality of this eco friendly clothing? How can this contribute to you and your family's wellbeing and quality of life?

The answer is simple: organic and eco conscious apparel delivers a higher quality of life by reducing the amount of daily exposure to toxins and chemicals.

Skin is the largest surface area on the body leading to the greatest amount of exposure to the environment. Toxins can be absorbed into the skin and this increases 10x when you are sleeping because of its porous nature.

Research shows that many skin allergies, and even certain types of cancer, dermatitis, eczema and other diseases are caused by longterm effects of chemical toxins such as dioxin and carcinogenic formaldehyde that are used in the dying process of conventional clothing.

With the increasing availablity of organic and eco friendly products, there are healthy alternatives that you and your family can use with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Chemical free clothing is known to reduce toxicity exposure significantly, and with increasing chemical processes that are used to manufacture our clothing, this is a powerful, direct way to improve and protect you and your family’s health and wellbeing.
  • Increase in comfort: The quality of the fibers of eco friendly clothing is superior, making for example, My Sweet Life’s popular bamboo shirt probably one of the softest T shirts you can purchase (it is cashmere- like soft, yet without any itchiness). Chemical free and eco friendly apparel are more comfortable to wear because they are produced without irritating chemicals or pesticides that impact on your level of comfort and compromise the quality of your health.
  • Supports the environment, making it a safer, healthier place for us all to live. It’s estimated that conventional cotton clothing production is responsible for 25% of all insecticides and 10% of pesticide use, and that only 10% of these are actually used in the cotton process, resulting in the other 90% going into the environment, and of course, this includes our bodies through the air and water, even the food we eat (cotton seeds are the corner stone of many processed foods).
  • So now you realize why everyone is beginning to choose organic whenever they get the opportunity to. Check out our home page for organic, chemical free clothing that is both safe and an affordable solution for you and your family’s organic apparel needs.

    By Justine at Method Web Studio

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